20+ Best Classical Art Memes Of The Week (February 27, 2023)

Dark, dry, and classy — this kind of humor defines an entire generation. Mostly millennials, but Gen Z has recently joined in on the fun, as well. Classical art memes have become a revolution, a dynasty of sorts — and they distribute serotonin across the world. The art itself is mostly from the renaissance era, but you’ve got some more modern art memes here as well. The funny quotes are from anonymous internet geniuses who we are very grateful for.

Globalization has really allowed the supply of memes to be endless, which is excellent for us and our perpetual procrastination. Our ancestors are almost certainly twisting and turning, whispering amongst themselves ‘What is it with these kids? Why must they try to fix what ain’t broke? They’re ruining the art!’ — to which we say, ’tis not true! We are modernizing it, and creating more awareness than ever. Fine, we’re making fun, but there is no such thing as bad publicity, right? 

Scroll down for the best classical art memes of the week. You’re also welcome to click here for last week’s funnies.

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