21 of the Funniest Memes and Moments of Tyler, the Creator to Celebrate the ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’ Deluxe Album Release

There is nobody funnier in the rap world than Tyler, the Creator. His fans know that he is always uncensored and not one lie comes out of that guy’s mouth. His music is no different! Now, this Friday he will be releasing the deluxe version of his 2021 album Call Me If You Get Lost. The highly praised album is a beloved one amongst friends and even considered more upbeat than his past works. Though the artist takes his music seriously and has been very successful because of it, he is down to earth and makes sure not to take life too seriously. Which is one of the many reason we love Tyler, the Creator. His personality that is like a meme machine creator is top notch! His moments during interviews or clips just shared on the internet are always comedy gold. And photos that he posts himself are always so random and scratches a deep part of your funny bone that you didn’t need was itching. So we’ve grabbed some of our favorite Tyler, the Creator memes and moments below and we hope you enjoy!

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