30 Memes That Beat Any Kind of Self Improvement

Let’s be honest, a lot of the self-help industry is total BS. There is plenty of good advice out there if we go looking for it, but the attempt to commodify bits of this advice and claim that it is the best kind that ever will be is an elaborate marketing scam. Rarely will any one theory or book solve all our problems, and they’re not going to go away overnight anyway. 

That’s why it’s more heartening to focus on the fun things, all the aspects that aren’t necessarily making us better people, but are great at occupying our minds with dumb things. Memes are one of the greatest examples of this, and thankfully they’re plentiful. Instead of trying to be the person you’re trying to become, you may as well submit yourself to these images for a minute or two. It can’t do that much harm to you unless you let it.

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