6 Shooters And 1 Year Of Planning: Lawrence Bishnoi Reveals Details Of Sidhu Moosewala’s Murder

Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, popularly known as Sidhu Moosewala, was shot dead in Mansa district on May 29 last year, a day after the Punjab government curtailed his security cover. Lawrence Bishnoi gang claimed responsibility for the murder. Agencies ran through every possible evidence to reach the nexus that took the life of Moosewala while his parents continued their protest demanding a fair probe and justice.  

Now, just a week ahead of the one-year competition of the incident, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has revealed crucial details of planning that went on for a year before his gang killed Moosewala. Bishnoi revealed who all were involved in the planning and execution and how it was carried out to the NIA officials, who are probing the case. 

Details Of Sidhu Moosewala’s Murder 

Moosewala Made Target 

Lawrence Bishnoi told NIA that in October 2020 Davinder Bambiha gang killed Gurlal Brar, who was a cousin of Goldy Brar. He said that Gurlal Brar was killed as he was close to him. His gang then decided to take revenge for him. 

Bishnoi said that his close associate Vicky Medhukheda was killed by Davinder Bambiha gang in 2021 in Mohali, Punjab. Three shooters namely Sunny, Bholu and Anil were the shooters who killed Vicky Medhukheda. He said that it was Sidhu Mossewala’s manager Shaganpreet who had arranged the stay, and vehicles for the shooters and had also helped them in the recce of Vicky Medhukheda.  

“After that, I started making plans for killing Sidhu Moosewala,” Bishnoi confessed. 


First Attempt To Kill Moosewala 

Lawrence Bishnoi said, “In September/ October 2021, I sent three shooters namely Shahrukh, Danny and Aman to kill Sidhu Moosewala. They stayed in a village near the Moosewala’s village for one week and one Mona sarpanch (gangster) and Jaggu Bhagawanpuria (gangster) members of my gang, arranged their stay.” 

Bishnoi said that the shooters informed him that the task at hand is very difficult, and they need more shooters to kill Moosewala. Following this, Bishnoi began making an elaborate plan. For this, Bihsnoi contacted his old friend and gangster Goldy Brar who helped Bishnoi get in touch with people who knew about him (Lawrence Bishnoi). 

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Bishnoi Begins Plan B 

After the first attempt went unsuccessful, Bihsnoi started gathering every man possible to execute the plan.  

“In February 2022, on my direction, Vikram Brar told called Mahakal alias Siddhesh Hiraman Kamble that Santosh Jadhav has gone to Agra with a pistol from Rajasthan. Thereafter, Vikram Brar and Navnath Suryavanshi were in contact on Instagram and Signal app.” 

“Vikram Brar has a number of times told me to introduce him to Santosh Jadhav as he had some work for him and he required more men as he is going to do some big work. I know Santosh Jadhav through his brothers Anmol & Sachin. I came in contact with one Hashim Baba, who is a gangster in Delhi, in September 2021 in Tihar Jail,” he added. 

Bishnoi said that Vikram Brar sent a group of four people to recce. “Vikram Brar has sent Ajay alias Dabbu r/o Jndiaala, Punjab, Bhola alias Lambu r/o Nakodar, Paya and Vishal, Paya’s brother, both r/o Nakodar for the recce. Thereafter, I gave the contact number of Navnath to Vikram Brar and through him, Vikram Brar came in contact with Santosh Jadhav,” he further said in his confession. 

The jailed gangster further admitted that in May 2022, Vikram Brar had given Santosh Jadhav a Supari (contract) to kill Sidhu Moosewala and his recce was done by Vikram Brar himself. 


Plan Finalised For May 29 

Bishnoi said that Bikram Brar called him on May 26 and said that they are going to kill Moosewala. 

“…he (Vikram Brar) said that for this he required 6 persons. I told him that it is a show and big work for us. I asked him what he is going to do then he told me that Suraj r/o Jalore, Rajasthan and Amsa Bhadra Arjun, and Mahakal, Santosh Jhadav and he, are going to send the threat letter to Salman Khan in Mumbai,” he further said. 

In May 2022, Goldy Brar sent six shooters Rupa, Manpreet, Ankit, Priyavarat, Deepak Mundi, Kashish to kill Sidhu Moosewal, Bishnoi told NIA. He added that Goldy Brar managed the stay and vehicles for the shooters and also helped them in recce.

Bishnoi also admitted sending lakhs of rupees to Goldy Brar through Hawala.  

“I had sent approx. Rs 50-60 lakh via Hawala to Goldy Brar in Canada. Deepak alias Tinu, a resident of Bhiwani helped the shooters of Sidhu Moosewala to arrange the place to stay after the murder and provided them money to run and cross state borders. 

Bishnoi also explained how the entire plan was being facilitated by people sitting in Dubai and Canada. 

He said, “Sachin Bishnoi alias Sachin Thapan is my maternal nephew and is currently detained in Azerbaijan. One month before the murder of Sidhu Moosewala, Sachin went to Dubai and then to Azerbaijan. During the whole task, Sachin was in contact with Goldy Brar and facilitated the execution. Sachin also helped in the recce of Sidhu Moosewala with the help of one Niku.” 

“On my direction, Monu Dagar introduced Priyavarat (shooter of Sidhu Moosewala) to Goldy Brar. Satvir alias Sam is also known to me and he is also a friend of Goldy Brar. He is a businessman in Canada. He assisted us in conference calls and also managed our money which was sent through Hawala.” 

Bishnoi then talked to Navnath on Snapchat on May 28 and asked him whether the work (killing Moosewala) is suitable for him or not.  

“He told me that he is going to finish the game of Sidhu Moosewala tomorrow afternoon (May 29). All preparation has been done,” Bishnoi added. 


 After Moosewala’s Murder 

Bishnoi told NIA that on June 1, three days after the murder of Moosewala, he told Navnath Suryavanshi that “he will get 3.5 lakhs, Santosh is there and Mahakal has come to Gujarat. Either you go to Gujarat or give your account number, I will deposit the money in it.” 


Arms And Ammunition For Plan 

Bishnoi also told in detail about the arms and ammunition he bought from 2018 to 2022. He said, “I purchased weapons 25 nos. 9mm pistol and their ammunition during the period of 2018 to 2022 and one AK- 47 assault rifle and its ammunition in 2020 in approx. Rs. 2 crores from Khurja (UP) through one Rohit Chaudhary, who is also a gangster and presently absconding.” 

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