A Meaty Medley of Random Memes & Tweets

We live in a time where it seems like convenience is at the forefront of literally everything. Instead of taking a leisurely stroll to the farmer’s market and taking in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood, people opt to use apps that will have another person do your shopping for you. Eating locally (and prohibitively expensively) never tasted so easy. Instead of spending your hard earned cash at local boutiques, book stores, and thrift shops when you need a gift for someone special – or some new threads – many of us turn to Amazon, Etsy, or even ebay. When was the last time you actually set foot in a community book shop instead of reading on your phone (or Kindle) or pressing the convenient “Buy Now” button? These changes in the way we consume and interact with the world have led to a loss of magic in day to day life. Gone is the simple gratification that comes with actually leaving your house and crossing off the items on your to do list, one by one. That said, we don’t think it’s bad to cut corners when it comes to enjoying memes, tweets, and other funny things. It’s an important exception. Why scroll through the wild abyss when we can just bring you the memes you crave in one convenient place?

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