A Pile of Memes to Pick and Choose From

The big thing that draws many to memes is the fact that they’re non-committal. All they ask of us is a momentary glance and a second of processing whatever they are about, and then we can move on to the next one. There are exceptions, like when a new format becomes big and it can’t be escaped for the next two weeks, but they are few and far between. Plus, those kinds get annoying pretty quickly. 

As it stands, the USP of memes is that they actively invite us to take or leave them. We have the power when it comes to them living or dying, and we wield it without even really caring. This isn’t really bad, considering the artistic merit of many of these creations. Nonetheless, it’s a strange ability to have, that we usually take for granted. A lot of the memes in this list will fade into irrelevance quickly, but for a split second, we made them matter. That’s cool. 

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