A Random Collection of Halfway Decent Memes

Don’t you just love going to weddings to celebrate someone’s love on the dance floor with copious drinks? It’s the best!

Just kidding, I feel terrible. What a weekend. After the rehearsal dinner, the family yoga, the cocktail hour, and then of course the whole weddings shebang, I’m feeling pretty damn rough. Maybe it has to do with aging – we just don’t have it in us to enjoy ourselves at a bacchanalian nuptial celebration after working for an entire week. But maybe it’s more of an existential kind of exhaustion. Seeing people join together in holy matrimony when your own life feels so unhinged can be pretty difficult. Mostly because it is hard to have a good time when your soul has been sucked out of your body so that someone can make a crap ton of money with your efforts. But t the end of the day, it’s nice to see people enjoy the company of another person enough to pledge to spend their lives together. It’s just…tiring. And as we’re about ready to start the workweek, we can only handle the simplest recreation activities. Such as scrolling through memes. 

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