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Another day, another dollar. Why does it always feel like such a struggle? First of all, you have to wake up, and if that wasn’t already harrowing enough, then you have to get out of bed. Once you’ve made it that far, it’s time for those daily hygienic rituals that help others perceive you to be a functioning member of society. I don’t know about you, but I’m not Patrick Bateman when it comes to my morning routine. I’m dragging my feet and using the drugstore brand lotion. Exercise? Fat chance. The only exercise I’m doing is trying to strain out that morning crap after my three cups of very strong coffee. Speaking of morning shits, what better time to enjoy some memes than when you’re waking up and chillin’ on the toilet? So here, have some memes. Maybe a bit of funny content is all you need to get those gears turning. 


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