About My Father Review: Robert De Niro Is The Heart And Soul Of This Relatable Family Watch

About My Father Movie Review: The first time I watched the trailer of About My Father, I could notice a few traits of my own father in Robert De Niro — quirky, protective and disapproved of anything that wasn’t listed in his playbook. Little did I know that I would get a full blown version of him on the screen with the film and it would make me want to immediately hug my dad. Released by Lionsgate, About My Father revolves around a father, Salvo (Robert De Niro) and his son Sebastian, played by Sebastian Maniscalco.

The film, said to be loosely based on Sebastian Maniscalco’s relationship with his father, puts the spotlight on an Italian father-son duo. While Salvo, an immigrant hairsylist living in Chicago and set in his own ways, his son Sebastian is trying to make it big in the hotel space. Sebastian is dating a rich American, played by Leslie Bibb, and intends on proposing to her during the 4th of July weekend. However, Salvo insists he will pass down the family’s traditional ring only if he feels that the family is fit for his son.

What follows is a series of unfortunate, hilarious events which not only pokes fun at fancy Americans but also Salvo’s eccentric behaviour, and tests his relationship with Sebastian. The crisp one and a half film keeps you engaged from the start to end. Sebastian Maniscalco, who wrote the story, and director Laura Terruso pack in just the right amount of laughs and slip in doses of emotions, allowing you to connect with the relationship.

It comes as no surprise that Robert De Niro is the heart and soul of the film. He owns the character like he has been Salvo for decades now. He outshines everyone in the movie, making Sebastian also weak in a few scenes. Sebastian ensures his comic presence doesn’t get lost in the storytelling but also doesn’t overdo it.

Kim Cattrall perfectly blends with De Niro in intense scenes, their on-screen love-hate chemistry shines, making me want to see a little more of their banter. The Sex in the City star also has a strong screen presence, taking your attention away from David Rasche and Anders Holm with absolute ease. Brett Dier might be playing a role in the background but his scenes with De Niro leave you in splits.

The climax did feel a little weak, as though Sebastian wasn’t sure how to draw an end to the well set movie so he decided to resort to cliches and wrap things up. You could notice the graph take a dip but it doesn’t take away the wholesome experience that the film offers so far.

Bottom Line: About My Father makes for a relatable family watch. The makers hit the mark on the comedy front, sprinkling just enough emotions to tie things up.

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