Animal Memes For Vegetarians And Meat-Eaters Alike

To eat meat or to not eat meat; that is the question. As Thanksgiving comes and goes this weekend, it’s natural that dietary needs and restrictions come up as topics for debate. Some animal fans think being a vegetarian or a vegan is a requirement for being an animal lover. Others believe that since animals kill and eat each other, and because human beings are animals themselves, eating meat is a non-issue. I think we can all agree that the way the meat industry treats and kills animals is not very ethical. On the other hand, I’m sure we can all get behind the fact that PETA is a genuinely wild organization that does not do vegetarians and vegans any favors.  

Whether you eat meat or abstain, you’re an animal lover if you say you are. If you are a proud card-carrying animal fanatic, you’ll enjoy gobbling up these animal memes

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