Arikompan spotted near Kumily town

A file photo of wild tusker Arikompan at Chinnakkanal before the translocation.

Arikompan, a wild tusker translocated from Chinnakkanal to Periyar Tiger Reserve (PTR), was spotted near Kumily on Wednesday night. According to satellite radio collar signals, the tusker was traced within 6-km range from Kumily town on Thursday night. After briefly exploring the area, Arikompan returned to Medakanam, where it was first released inside the forest area inside the PTR. 

Periyar Tiger Reserve field director Kottayam P.P. Pramod said that the tusker is now camping under the forest area of PTR. “For the last four days, the tusker has been roaming inside the PTR forest. The Forest department receives timely signals from the radio collar. The department is closely monitoring the movements of Arikompan,” Mr. Pramod said.

According to officials, after camping for two weeks at Megamalai in Tamil Nadu forest, the tusker returned to the Kerala side of the forest at Mullakkudi four days ago.

Arikompan was captured from Chinnakkanal on April 29 and released to Periyar Tiger Reserve (PTR) on April 30. Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu Forest department continued the ban on entry of tourists to the Megamalai hill station, near Chinnamanur, considering the chances of its return to Megamalai again.

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