Chemistry Memes For College Students Dreading Their Chem Midterms

There are few things more dread-inducing than a sink or swim Chemistry exam. Chemistry is the ultimate weed-out class for basically all STEM majors at most American universities. It plagues students who are planning on studying subjects that have nothing to do with chemistry and stunts their GPA from the first semester. 

I was lucky enough to get out of college without having to take a Chemistry class, but most aren’t so lucky. Freshman in college gets packed into a thousand-seat lecture hall like sardines only to be lectured by the least charismatic intellectual known to man. There are a few sick freaks who enjoy this strange and esoteric subject, but they’re a staunch minority. Most Chem 101 survivors will have regular anxiety dreams about not showing up for class all semester and having to take an incomprehensible exam for the rest of their lives. If you’re about to take your Chemistry final and need all the help you can get, let these memes guide you toward success… or at least a C. 

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