Clueless Tech Bro Gets Roasted for Instructing People Not to Fall in Love in Their 20s

I have to say that we don’t always take the most positive attitude towards love at Memebase. Once you’ve seen enough awful Reddit stories about miserable marriages and countless dating app users acting like the Jigsaw Killer, you start to get a little bit jaded about all things Cupid-related.

Don’t let this fool you, though! We still believe that romantic relationships can be an amazing thing. Being with someone who totally gets you and adds so much to your life is one of the most euphoric feelings we could ever hope for. 

This magic can happen to us at any age, but it’s pretty common for people to have their first and/or most intense loves when they’re in their twenties. It makes sense; we’re just about past the awkward teenage stage, and our brains are still undeveloped enough to take those leaps of faith without questioning it too much first. There are millions out there who have horror stories about the crappy relationships they had during this decade, but that doesn’t mean the whole experience was for nothing. No matter how much introspective soul-searching you do, part of learning to exist in the world involves being intimate with others.

That being said, not everyone is on board with this philosophy. When you’re totally gaga over somebody, it can make you lose focus on other things — and let’s not even get started on the fallout that comes from heartbreak. If LinkedIn has taught us anything, our main passion in life should always be the dedication to the grind. That’s what one Twitter user seems to think, after he advised young people to avoid falling in love between the ages of 22 and 29 because ‘there’s too much to lose’. 

It didn’t take long for others to start questioning this blunt, career-first mentality, primarily because it seems like a miserable way to live. Yes, bouncing from one disheartening situationship to another is a surefire way to hold yourself back, but so is having no dating experience once you decide you want to get married.


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