CPI(M) demand to find the missing public toilet built during AIADMK regime

CPI(M) councillor S. Jothibasu displays a banner at the Corporation council meeting in Dindigul on Tuesday.
| Photo Credit: G. KARTHIKEYAN

What looked like a scene straight out of a comedy scene, a CPI(M) councillor claimed that a public toilet built during the AIADMK regime has been missing, during the Corporation council meeting held here on Tuesday.

The meeting was chaired by Mayor J. Ilamathi, Corporation Commissioner S. Sivasubramanian and Deputy Mayor S. Rajappa.

Holding a banner with a picture of a public toilet in it, he said funds to build one was allotted and the AIADMK Mayor claimed to have constructed one in his ward. “But no such structure can be found anywhere. I want the ones who built it to find it for me,” he said.

In retaliation, AIADMK councillor of ward 4 C. S. Rajmohan said the question must be posed to the officials who built it.

During the meeting, BJP councillor of ward 14 G. Dhanapal said shops and parking lots must be set up so as to not create hindrances to the devotees of Sri Kottai Mariamman Temple in Dindigul. He demanded to take steps to shift the compost yard functioning in ward 14 amidst a residential area. He also highlighted that emergency resolutions must be given to councillors a day in advance of convening the council meeting.

AIADMK councillor of ward 4 C. S. Rajmohan charged that the underground drainage system laying works are not undertaken in half of the wards and called for expediting the works.

CPI(M) councillor of ward 35 S. Jyoti Basu raised the issue of the recent death due to inhaling poisonous gas in the pond on the periphery of Kottaikulam near Rock Fort here and demanded action against the official responsible for not maintaining it properly. He demanded the public be permitted to immerse Vinayaka idols in rivers and not in the pond. He also charged that various developmental works in the wards are undertaken by officials without the knowledge of the councillors.

DMK councillor of ward 8 R. Anand charged that those who lay television and telephone cables often damage drinking water pipelines. He said the dugout pits and bumpy roads are often left at it inconveniencing residents and commuters. To which, the Commissioner said that the private phone companies would pay the Corporation for the damages caused and the roads will be relaid soon. “But no roads have been relaid, if dug out, for the past 30 in my ward,” charged Mr Anand.

Over 30 resolutions were passed in the meeting which included the construction of a new bus stand in Murugabhavanam where a garbage dumping yard is functioning at present, projects for segregation and transportation of garbage etc.

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