Deloitte employee sacked for praising Hitler; here’s what happened

A Deloitte employee was recently sacked after his personal views sparked controversy. Neerabh Mehrotra who worked as an Associate Director Risk Advisory at Deloitte praised Adolf Hitler in his LinkedIn post.

He started his post as Friday Inspiration and said that there are several charismatic qualities people should learn from Hitler. His post was shared on Twitter and many users also slammed him for his views. Though he later apologised for it, however, the company confirmed later that we was sacked from his job. The disgraced senior-level employee was sacked by Deloitte India, a company spokesperson said as quoted by Times Now.

Though he deleted his post, screenshot of his post was shared by Twitter user Sandeep Manudhane.

In his post, Neeraj wrote, “Recently I picked up a book on Adolf Hitler “The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler” by Laurence Rees. I always wanted to read about Hitler and the World War II and this book gave me a fair understanding about these topic.”

Describing Hitler’s personality, he wrote, “One of his key personality traits was that he couldn’t tolerate any discussion/debate/argument and he used to get annoyed if anyone interrupt or try to deliberate on any topic with him.”

“However, there are several charismatic qualities he had, and we all should learn from him. Some of the imperative qualities of Hitler were: charismatic visionary, magnetic speaker, extremely confident, very intellectual, massive action taker.”

See full post here:

Following his post, users on Twitter criticized for celebrating the mass murdering genocidal maniac, in public while some also criticised the company for engaging with such employees.

One user wrote, “I understand people suffers from FOMO and they have to invent stories of inspiration to improve their visibility. But this was way too much.”

Another user wrote, “Freedom of speech is an amazing thing. It’s a very fundamental right of one’s life until others start exercising it.”

Some users even criticised the company Deloitte for the employees they hire.

“Deloitte, seriously this is what your employees endorse?”, one user wrote. One user commented, “Hailing a mass murderer is illegal. This guy should’ve been put behind bars at minimum.” Another wrote, “Good job Deloitte. What an toxic work culture his immediate colleagues must be enduring, pls educate him.”

Some other wrote, “Deloitte India this man should be sacked. Can’t imagine this person is the face of Deloitte in India …in my sons school kids face suspension for the nazi salute or the words.”

After seeing his backlash on his post, Mehrotra deleted the post and apologised for the same. He wrote, “My mentors/bosses/coaches have always taught me that if I make a mistake then I should have the audacity to accept it as well, so here I come forward to sincerely apologize for my post and I will not write anything about such personalities in the future. I would also like to clarify that it is my personal opinion, and it has nothing to do with my race, religion, country or the organisation I am associated with at the moment or in the past.”

Deloitte official spokesperson too in a press note as cited by Times Now wrote, “The views on social media expressed by the individual, who joined our organization last month, are not aligned with our shared values and violate our internal policies. This individual no longer works for Deloitte India,” an official spokesperson of the company said in a press note

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Updated: 26 May 2023, 03:31 PM IST

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