‘Dhoni Cried That Night’: Harbhajan Singh Shares Never-Heard-Before Story Involving CSK Captain

MS Dhoni is one cricketer who is known for his calm and composed demeanour. The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain is famously known as ‘Captain Cool’ for this very reason. He rarely lets emotions get the better of him, no matter how tensed the situation on field. This has been one quality of Dhoni that even members of the opposition teams have been left impressed by and have gone on record saying that they want to imbibe.

However, one of Dhoni’s former India and CSK teammates Harbbhajan Singh has now shared an unheard story involving Dhoni. He talked about a rare instance of Dhoni getting emotional and crying even when he was surrounded by his teammates. Harbhajan, who was part of CSK at that time, disclosed that the incident happened in 2018 when the franchise was making its comeback after serving a two-year suspension in the aftermath of the IPL betting scandal.

Former CSK spinner Imran Tahir also corroborated the same, saying it was then the he came to know what CSK meant for Dhoni.

“There is a story which I want to share. Back in 2018, when CSK made a comeback to this league after a 2-year ban, there was a team dinner. I have heard the saying that ‘Men don’t cry’, but MS Dhoni cried on that night. He became emotional. I think no one knows about this. Right, Imran (Tahir)?” Harbhajan said in a video shared by Star Sports on Instagram.

“Yes, of course,” Tahir said.

“Even I was there. It was a very emotional moment for him (MS Dhoni). Looking at him like that, I came to know how close this team is to his heart. He considers the team as his family. It was very emotional for all of us,” the South African cricket star added.

“We came back after 2 years and won the trophy. And when people give your team the tag of ‘buddhe’ (old men), and even I was in the squad that season, but we won the title. I am very proud of that victory,” he stated.

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