‘Don’t let Jessica from high school control your life’: Woman Gives Inspirational Advice on the Freedom of Cringiness

Here at Memebase, we talk a lot of smack about all things cringe-related. Let’s be real, there are times when that is all that we can do. 

However, it’s not always the case that cringeworthiness is something to be looked down on. In many ways, to be cringe is to be free. One of the founding principles of it is a blissful unawareness of what other people think, whether that’s justified or not. Most of us could do with being a little (or a lot) less self conscious, but that comes at a price. We must risk that we could be perceived as cringe.

This is the wisdom that has been imparted by @tess.barclay, who has let the world know that being cringe is a necessity if we want to achieve personal happiness. Most viewers couldn’t agree more, although some were reluctant to practice what they preached. It can be a difficult first step to make.

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