Embarrassing Times People Didn’t Know Who They Were Talking To

A blunder. A gaffe. An oopsy daisy. An embarrassing moment. A mess-up. A boo-boo. Do you ever find yourself saying something and then clap your hand over your face in horror because it was exactly the wrong thing? This happened to me recently at my mother-in-law’s when I accidentally revealed that my boyfriend didn’t like the dish she made. It was embarrassing. I shook. I avoided eye contact. And I was extremely embarrassed. Though I’m still in her favor (her last hope at enjoying some grandkids), the experience was far from comfortable. It was a shameful moment of pure regret. The people below experienced varying degrees of muck-ups like this, mostly on the internet – and all regarding some thickheaded lack of knowledge. The web is pretty unforgiving in its tendency to take you down a notch. At least we can enjoy the schadenfreude.

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