Employee Welcomes Customers to ‘McDondald’s’ Folllowing Manager’s Unreasonable Request to Follow Script

“McDonalds Compliance” Posted by u/13aph

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“That’s LEGENDARY. I love the idea of McHelping people” said OP.

“And do some McCompliance” added u/jjbugman2468.

“I was literally like ‘You told me to read this! Word for word. And not deviate. I’m just doing what you wanted!’ And she’s like -.- ‘go home’” said OP.

“’But I want to keep working at McDondald’s!’ is what you should have said after she said to go home, give a toddler’s answer for the toddler’s spelling.” said u/Coolbeanschilly.

“I try to tell my customers all the time… ‘I take this job seriously, I don’t take MYSELF seriously.’” said u/BetrayerMordred.

“That’s stuff I literally would do.” said OP, “I’d be like ‘howdy doo, welcome to McDonald’s, what can I do for you?’ Lol” said OP.

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