Entitled Parent Throws Tantrum When Sister-In-Law Won’t Let Niece Be Flower Girl in Wedding

“AITA for not letting my miracle baby niece be my flower girl at my wedding?” Posted by u/miraclebabyniece

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“I 100% agree. I came from a family with two divorced parents myself and I’ll never forget how shitty I felt when at my dad and step moms wedding I wasn’t included in it AT ALL, yet my younger brother was one of the groomsmen. Having that experience myself I’d never want my stepdaughter to feel that way, or that she isn’t involved in such a special day. It’s just cause so much drama in the family that is so unnecessary.” said OP.

“Stop thinking of it as your decision causing drama and start correctly calling it your sister causing drama because she wants to be the center of attention at your own damned wedding. It’s your day, not hers.” said u/BlueMikeStu.

“Also who even asks for their kid to be in a wedding? If nothing else, tacky move on SIL part for even asking. If the couple wanted you/your kid in the wedding, they’d have asked” said u/future_nurse19.

“Tacky, and the kid is at an age where she might not even be able to do her part. Kids age fast at that age and sure, she might be precocious and on top of things, and know which way to move etc. Which I doubt because SIL asked for her to be carried. Point is, there’s potential for it to turn into a big mess. But eh, none of that matters anyway. Just some additional nuance. Obviously an immediate family member trumps a niece. NTA” said u/No-Albatross-7984.

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