Eric Garcetti Confirmed US Envoy To India. Here’s What You Need To Know About Him

New Delhi: The US Senate on Wednesday confirmed Eric Garcetti as the country’s new ambassador to India, filling the key diplomatic position that had been vacant for more than two years.

Garcetti, former Los Angeles Mayor, and President Joe Biden’s close aide, was first nominated by President Joe Biden in July 2021 and renominated in January this year.

Reacting to the Senate confirming his appointment, the new US ambassador said, “I’m thrilled with today’s outcome, which was a decisive and bipartisan decision to fill a critical post that has been vacant for far too long. Now the hard work begins. I’m deeply grateful to President Biden and the White House for the confidence and support throughout this process, and to all Senators on both sides of the aisle – whether they voted for me or not – for their thoughtful consideration,” according to ANI.

Kenneth Juster, the last US ambassador in New Delhi stepped down as the US changed governments in January 2021. 

Who is Eric Garcetti?

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