Filmi dances will not be part of talent search competitions, cultural day programmes, says first Cultural Policy of Mangalore University

M. Mohan Alva (right), Chairman of Alvas Education Foundation, handing over a copy of the cultural policy of Mangalore University to P.S. Yadapadithaya, Vice Chancellor of Mangalore University, at the presentation ceremony of Yakshamangala Award and Decennial Award, in Mangaluru on March 18, 2023.
| Photo Credit: H.S. MANJUNATH

The first ever ‘cultural policy’ of Mangalore University released on Saturday, March 18, stated that “the so-called filmi dances will not be part of talent search competitions” conducted by the university.

The policy document said that talent search competitions shall be conducted at the commencement of each academic year to identify talented students and encourage them to participate in various programmes.

It said that the cultural day programme is to be organised on the university campus and in all affiliated colleges with due emphasis given to the traditional cultural forms of India. The policy, further, for the second time mentioned, “The so-called filmi dances shall not be a part of such cultural day programme.”

It said that a roster of talented students may be prepared by the university. For this purpose, the application form for admission may include a column where the student is asked to mention their talents in music, dance, theatre, painting etc.

The policy said that the university shall select a suitable cultural attire for all participants in cultural competitions at the state and national levels, reflective of the vision of the university and the culture of the university area. A competition to design this uniform could be conducted for students of the university or reputed artists may be invited to design the uniform.

According to the policy, the university shall institute various trophies, medals and awards to encourage students and stakeholders to participate in cultural expressions.

It said that the university shall take steps to establish a Centre for the Promotion of Culture (The Centre for Culture) under whose aegis the cultural policy shall be implemented. This Centre will operate as an autonomous unit from within the Directorate of Student Welfare. For this purpose, the Director of the Centre for Culture shall be appointed as the Deputy Director of Student Welfare.

It said that the Cultural Centre shall remain open throughout the day, inclusive of holidays, reflecting a welcoming environment where students can come and pursue their cultural interests during their free time, apart from the time of their training sessions. The Centre for Culture will organise an annual programme to felicitate Cultural Champions who have done the university proud at the State, national and international levels.

“The university may start a postgraduate degree program in linguistics to address the shortage of skilled language teachers in India today,” the policy said.

It said that the university may introduce certificate, diploma and degree courses in culture. A separate Board of Studies may be established for this purpose. Dual degree programmes and twinning programmes may also be envisaged.

Summer and Winter Schools may be organised for an academic orientation to different cultural forms.

The ‘cultural policy’ is the brain child of the Vice-Chancellor of the university P.S. Yadapadithaya who while assuming charge nearly four years ago had announced that it will be brought out.

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