Fun Memes To Feed Hungry Brains

It’s interesting to think about the media we’ve watched repeatedly over the course of many years and even decades. Instinctually, I feel like these shows should tell us something about ourselves, but it’s difficult to grasp what exactly they tell us. For example, I’ve probably watched season 1 of Dance Moms and season 2 of Project Runway more times than I could even say. When I rewatch these shows after my lizard brain compels me to, I remember the exact verbiage Abby Lee Miller used to scream at children. I remember the exact cadence Santino Rice used to make fun of Tim Gunn. These shows are forever zapped into my brain, whether I like it or not. 

I cannot know for sure why those shows stuck. Maybe I love watching people compete in high-pressure reality TV shows because I’m a sick freak who loves to watch vulnerable people suffer. Maybe it’s incidental, and I just want to watch shows I liked when I was a wee lad. Whatever the case may be, there’s no shame in indulging in nostalgic media for no particular reason. If you’re feeling wistful for some comforting memes, look no further than this page. 

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