Funniest Memes for Less Attractive Folks Who Never Grew Out of Their Ugly Stage

There’s an awkward phase in everyone’s transition from childhood into their adulthood that can only be described as “The Uglies“. It’s as if your limbs are too long, your head is too big, and your face just isn’t quite right yet. Proportions get weird as hormones flood your body and you age. Every ugly duckling was told that it was just a phase in their life and they’d grow out of it. One day we all aspired to be a beautiful blossomed swan. 


Unfortunately for many of us, we somehow got ripped off and got stuck in Uglies purgatory for our entire adult lives. Great. So I suppose we’ll never grow into our noses, our hair won’t lay flat, and our bodies just remained disproportional. So if you ever had body dysmorphia because of the Victoria Secret Fashion Shows yet somehow got stuck in your mid-pubescent phase, these memes are for you.

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