Funniest Prehistoric Memes for Lovers of All Things Primordial

It’s truly hard to wrap our heads around how short the period of human history is. Even today, we’re still a blip on this planet’s radar. While our species might be ruling and ruining the Earth in the present time, it certainly wasn’t always this way. 

In fact, there was a good 13.8 billion years that passed before we all rocked up. Even crazier, there was no one there to record all the stuff that was going on at that point. Even even crazier, a lot of us didn’t even know or believe these before times existed until a couple of hundred years ago. 

It’s all pretty mind blowing, but it makes the whole thing even cooler to learn about. How many kids have wanted to grow up to be a paleontologist at some point? Those dreams might not have come true for many, but we get an adequate consolation prize with these memes. Damn, dinosaurs are cool.

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