Funniest Twitter Reactions to Jake Paul Losing to Tommy Fury

Last night saw a fight that had been hyped on social media long before it even took place. Controversial YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul has long teased the idea of opposing the UK’s Tommy Fury in the ring. The pair finally squared up in Saudi Arabia last night, fighting a close match that was eventually won by Fury on the basis of split decision. 

It was Paul’s first boxing defeat, and Fury still remains undefeated. However, many boxing fans are skeptical of the fighting prowess possessed by both of them. This led to some pretty funny Twitter reactions and memes when it came to the much-anticipated fight and its aftermath. Each may have their controversies, and neither may be as far up the ranks as they like to act. Arguably, this makes the conversation surrounding them all the more entertaining. Jake Paul wasn’t the only one to walk away with a bruised ego, too, as Drake reportedly lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on a bet that he would win. All in all, plenty of entertainment to be had.

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