Funny Memes For When It’s Meme Time

It’s Meme Time. I don’t care what time of the day it is: if you are reading this at press time, it is that special time of the day when you’re going to look at some memes whether you want to or not. Meme Time is a lot like the recent social media phenomenon BeReal. On BeReal, you get prompted by your phone every day to take a picture of what you’re doing; insta worthy or not. The notification will go off during random and different times of the day, so you never know when it’s time to BeReal. Meme Time is similar, but it’s a bit more self guided. Who knows how you ended up on this page full of hilarious and random memes. God knows I don’t! But what matters is that you’re here, and therefore, it is Meme Time. Please spend your Meme Time as the name of the time suggests. After all, it’s time for memes. 

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