Funny Memes, No Assembly Required

Having a sense of humor is an invaluable quality. You don’t have to be a brilliant standup comedian to know that! Comedy is highly beneficial if you’re weak in other social skills. How many times have you heard the story of the class clown who was able to gain the respect of their fellow students through their sense of humor? I was 100% that kid when I was in high school. I took this John Waters quote extremely literally when I was a teen, and in some ways, I still do! 

“Anytime you make someone laugh or satirize something, it’s the best way to change someone’s opinion because they’re defenseless – they laugh, they listen.”

Humor is the most effective casual interpersonal way to get others on your side. Of course, you don’t want to take that too far and always try to perform for others desperately to get them to like you. That came with my class clown era, and I would 0/10 recommend it. If you are a fellow funny person who likes to be disarmed by laughter, then boy howdy, have you come to the right place! 

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