Funny Memes to Guiltily Glance At

Much as we (obviously) love memes here at Memebase, it has to be said that there can be a lot of shame attached to them sometimes. We’ve all felt guilty as we scrolled through a few more funny pictures at 2 AM when we should be fast asleep, and don’t even get me started on when you show a friend a meme and they say that they’ve seen it before. 

In other words, the world of memes isn’t all sunshine and roses. Sometimes it can provoke some bad feelings, too. This means that we have choice but to accept them as part of the package. Sure, you might be looking at this list when you should be doing something else, but that’s part of the appeal. Just embrace it, and everything gets so much easier. Or, you know, we pretend that it does while our lives slowly fall apart around us.

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