Global Terrorism Index 2023: Afghanistan Tops The List Of Most Impacted Country By Terrorism, Where Does India, Pakistan Stand? Check Rankings Here

GTI 2023: Afghanistan retains the top spot in the list of country impacted by terrorism in the new Global Terrorism Index report. Afghanistan has topped for the fourth consecutive year, despite attacks and deaths falling by 75 per cent and 58 per cent, respectively. India ranked 13th on the index, marking only a marginal decrease from the previous year. Indian respondents refrained from ranking war and terrorism as the top threat to their daily safety, despite the country being one of the 25 worst-hit countries on the index.

According to the GTI report, Afghanistan recorded 633 fatalities in 2022, despite terrorism-related deaths declining by 866 in 2022. Following the Taliban’s takeover of the nation, GTI claimed that the Islamic State-Khorasan (Daesh) had become “the most active terrorist group” in Afghanistan. The group was responsible for 422 deaths in 2022, or nearly 67% of all terrorism-related fatalities in the nation as a whole.

Rank Country Score
1 Afghanistan 8,822
2 Burkina Faso 8,564
3 Somalia 8,463
4 Mali 8,412
5 Syria 8,161
6 Pakistan 8,160
7 Iraq 8,139
8 Nigeria 8,065
9 Myanmar 7,977
10 Niger 7,616
11 Cameeron 7,347
12 Mozambique 7,330
13 India 7,175
14 Democratic Republic Of Congo 6,872
15 Colombia 6,697

Pakistan Saw High Surge In Terror Attacks

Pakistan saw the second-largest increase in terror-related fatalities globally last year, with a total of 643 dead. The highest year-to-year increase in deaths during the previous ten years was seen in Pakistan. Military people made up at least 55% of all casualties of terrorism. As a result of the high increase in fatalities, it rose four spots to rank sixth on the index, according to the research. 36% of Pakistan’s terror-related fatalities were attributable to the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), a ninefold increase from the previous year. The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), often known as the Pakistan Taliban, has reportedly been surpassed by the BLA as Pakistan’s deadliest terrorist organisation.

Which Does India Stand? 

The report listed India among the 25 worst terror-hit countries, with a high impact of terrorism and ranked 13th. However, it also notes that 56 of the 120 nations surveyed had no respondents selecting war and terror as the biggest threat to their daily safety. In several border regions of India, there are a number of low-intensity conflicts, yet the vast majority of the population lives elsewhere in the nation. India’s GTI score was 7.175, whereas Afghanistan’s score, which led the index, was 8.822.


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