Legendary Reddit Posts That Wouldn’t Be Found Anywhere Else

Reddit has changed a lot over the past ten years; 2013 Reddit is not 2023 Reddit by any means. Reddit used to be a lot more underground and edgy, whereas now, it’s gotten increasingly earnest. People ask for genuine emotional advice on Reddit. “AITA” posts are extremely popular, and they aren’t going away. Far more Gen Xers and older people are on Reddit. It’s no longer the wheelhouse of the tween boy community. For better or for worse, Reddit has lost its edge.

The changes in the website’s culture do not mean that Reddit doesn’t still have its charms. There are still niche communities that are far more appealing to casual users who want information about their favorite things. If you’re too busy to dig up all the hilarious moments that various sides of Reddit that you don’t typically patronize, fear not! We have done all of that tedious work for you. 

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