Manipulative Dude Gets Medical Diagnosis, Berates Girlfriend for Going to Work Event

Oh, relationships. The bonds we form with other people cause so much trouble at times that it’s a wonder any of us bother with them at all. This is especially true of the romantic kind. As a society, we place so much importance on having a significant other that many of us will ignore the red flags when we see them.

This is even more relevant when we fall on hard times. Crappy stuff happens all the time in life, and often it’s the people around us who bear the burden of how we feel about it. At least, that seems to be the case with u/Inevitable-Trip3538. Originally planning to attend a high end work event with her partner and stepsister, her plans changed after her boyfriend had a diagnosis at the doctor. 

After spending hours consoling her partner about his newfound anemia, he decided he didn’t want to go to the event. She then attended it with her stepsister, who had really wanted to go. He was none too happy about this, but the people of Reddit were skeptical of his reasons to be upset. It’s not like she had completely abandoned him.

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