Memes and Tweets That Riff on Every Kind of Relationship

When we talk about relationships, it feels like people are usually discussing ones of the romantic variety. But there are many other types of relationships. The relationship you have with your toilet, for example. Or your friendships, the people who are your blood family, or perhaps your chosen family. I, personally, have a relationship with my coworkers. It’s usually positive. But we have our little ways of communicating with side-eyes, smiles, and sometimes the odd eye-roll that lets us know we’re in this ridiculousness together.

These sorts of relationships are some of the most frequently meme’d and tweeted subjects. The spicy antics we get into with our friends, our familiarly frustration with our siblings and parents, and then our love (and sometimes aggravation) we feel towards are lovers are all pretty relatable at some juncture of a person’s life. We’ve got some gems that reflect all of the above right here for your easy perusal. They’re just begging to be sent to your BFF.

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