Memes That Are a Real Hoot and Holler

I’m obsessed with people who have their own little personal vernacular, uniquely theirs. My elementary school music teacher had such a way with words, particularly with coming up with “swear words” that were so unrecognizable from actual swear words. Whenever she got frustrated, she would say things like “fiddle-faddle foo” or “needle nose pliers.” These phrases were not “fake swear words.” They were poetry! 

I feel like I’ve cultivated a unique enough vocabulary. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if things I say are picked up from growing up in Texas, watching comedians, or my own sick brain. Take, for instance, the phrase “a real hoot and a holler.” If I were a betting man, I would say that ye olde Texas has something to do with me regularly saying that. But I don’t know for sure, so I’m not a betting man. It could easily have come from TV, movies, or even a real-life person. If you’re a fan of memes that are a real hoot and a holler, and you don’t give a hoot where the phrase originally comes from, scroll down for a beautiful surprise. 

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