Musical Memes For Proud Theatre Kids

One of the biggest money-makers from NYC tourism is Broadway musicals, and I understand why!  No city in the United States has a better selection of incredible theatre playing at any given time. I was a theatre kid when I lived in Texas, but I was never one of those people who wanted to see every musical just because it exists. Since moving to the big apple, that has changed for the worse. Now, I’m a theatre adult, which is much more nefarious than a theatre kid. To make matters worse, I don’t even do theatre anymore! I’m just a hobbyist who loves watching it! I’ve become an extreme couponer, but for seeing plays and musicals. I will sniff out any and every deal imaginable, so I can afford to see silly little plays. I will never pay more than $100 for a ticket and will rarely pay over $50 because I’m just that good. If you are a fellow theatre adult whose taste in music has become a problem for your Spotify Wrapped, these musical theatre memes are for you. 

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