MWC 2023: OnePlus 11 Concept Phone Unveiled With Active CryoFlux Cooling

OnePlus has unveiled its OnePlus 11 Concept smartphone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023, which is one of the biggest mobile industry trade shows. Organised by industry body GSMA, MWC is held annually in Barcelona, Spain. The OnePlus 11 Concept will not be mass-produced and it is designed to showcase the handset maker’s new Active CryoFlux cooling system.

According to the company, it has made an attempt to bring industry-grade cooling of gaming PCs into a smartphone and the result is the Active CryoFlux cooling technology. It is essentially a closed-loop liquid cooling system the sort that is present in desktop PCs. However, OnePlus has created it in a smaller size for a smartphone.

The Active CryoFlux system comprises two piezoelectric micropumps connected to pipelines sandwiched between an upper and lower diaphragm. The piezoelectric micropump, usually reserved for industrial use, delivers the power to circulate the icy cryogenic liquid into the pipelines that take the heat away from the chipset. It dissipates heat without significantly increasing the phone’s weight and thickness.

“The level of innovation in this technology is not to be dismissed. OnePlus filed more than 30 patents for the fluid diaphragm that forms part of the self-developed Active CryoFlux technology, giving the company a significant market edge when it comes to innovation in active cooling technology geared for smartphones,” the company wrote in post.

Most smartphones today deploy passive cooling tech and flagship smartphones typically have a metal heat pipe and a cold plate to dissipate heat. However, these elements are inherently limited by the smartphone’s size and can create constraints on the dissipation area. Thermal performance can only be improved by making the devices bigger or thicker.

Samsung is also set to showcase its latest products and services, including the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra at the Mobile World Congress. The Samsung Display Booth at Hall 2, 2K40, will demonstrate the durability of Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) used on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Visitors can also experience first-hand the clear and vivid Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display used on the Galaxy Book 3 series.

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