‘Pathological Hatred For PM’: BJP On Congress’ Questions On Nine Years Of Modi Govt

The BJP dismissed the Congress’ denunciation of the Modi government’s nine-year tenure as a collection of untruths and an enormous fabrication. The BJP claimed that the queries posed by the Congress stem out of “pathological hatred” towards the prime minister, news agency PTI reported.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, a former Union minister and current BJP leader, has denied the accusations made by Congress against the government on multiple topics. He confidently stated that India’s economy has progressed significantly, moving from a fragile state to becoming the fifth largest economy in the world.

The Congress party posed nine queries to PM Modi regarding issues including inflation, joblessness, and farming revenue. They also requested an apology for the perceived betrayal by his administration. The Opposition party suggested that the government recognize this day as “Maafi Diwas”.

In response to concerns over national security, Prasad, a BJP leader, asserted that China had seized Indian land during Congress’ tenure, whereas India demonstrated its strength in the eastern Ladakh conflict against the neighboring nation’s army.

According to him, the current government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has improved the infrastructure at the borders, while the previous Congress-led government intentionally neglected it.

Prasad criticized Jairam Ramesh, a general secretary of Congress, for using inappropriate language to criticize Modi and for diminishing the level of discourse.

“They should rise above their hatred for Modi. The Congress was badly defeated the last two times and will suffer a similar fate in 2024,” he was quoted by PTI in its report.

The BJP leader also called the Congress’ accusation of “Covid mismanagement” against the government the “height of shamelessness,” and stated that the whole world regarded India’s response to the epidemic as the “best.”

He remarked that oxygen trains were operated, healthcare facilities were improved, and the COVID-19 vaccine was distributed across the country. Additionally, he sarcastically mentioned that even leaders from Congress received vaccinations.

Prasad questioned the Congress’s criticism of the government and expressed concern about the negative impact it could have on the country’s resilience. He deemed the critique as a significant offense towards healthcare workers and other individuals who worked hard to rescue the nation during the pandemic.

When the BJP government took office in 2014, the Indian economy was valued at USD 1 trillion. Now, it has grown to approximately USD 3. 5 Additionally, the country’s foreign exchange reserves amount to over Rs 50 lakh crore (Indian currency), and exports have nearly doubled, reaching Rs 36 lakh crore.

“The questions asked by the Congress are a bundle of lies and mountain of deception. These nine questions are not arising out of any criticism which is their right but out of pathological hatred for Narendra Modi,” Prasad said.


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