People Reveal Their All-Time Favorite 4chan Posts

Of all the famous places that individuals congregate to talk on the internet, 4chan has to be the one with the most notorious reputation. Over the years, it has produced some truly unpleasant things that give even the crevices of somewhere like Twitter a run for their money. 

At the same time, it’s also encouraged some of the most delightfully deranged and creative sh*tposting the online mainstream has ever seen. When it was founded almost 20 years ago, who was to know how instrumental it would be in shaping some of the best and worst parts of the online lexicon? 

It’s wild how much it has made its mark, as evidenced by a recent thread asking people to share their favorite ever posts from the site. Ranging from insane to genuinely wholesome, it goes to show that the place has more range than it is given credit for. It’s still odious troll central, though.

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