Ragini MMS 2 Actor Divya Agarwal Sends Open Letter To Anurag Kashyap Asking For ‘His Kind Of Wo

New Delhi: Actor Divya Agarwal has shared an open letter to filmmaker Anurag Kashyap asking the director for a work opportunity. Known for her bold choices and fashion, the ‘Ragini MMS: Returns 2’ actor shared a video of herself where we see her requesting ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ director to help her in getting auditions and getting the right kind of work the director does.

She is seen requesting the filmmaker to give her an opportunity in whichever roles she deems fit to be in. Divya began her video with, ” Hi, Anurag sir. This is an open letter to you. Dekho, 15 sal se huin industry mein, boht kam kia hai. Abhi bhi boht kam mil raha hai. Mujhe aise offers aa rahe hai, building se kud jao, theek hai, jhagde karo aur reality shows karo, serial karo. No offence, maine boht kuch kia hai. Bas sir ab. I really want to do something jisme mera dil lage. Aapko maine dekha tha ek workshop mein Prithvi theatre mein. Tabse I just want to work with you and main apni social media ka pura fayeda utha ke ye open letter apke pas dena chahti huin. I’m not saying give me a web show khairat mein or give me a movie khairat mein. No, no no. Tell me how to go with the auditions. Mujhe nahi pata hai. I m… even though I have been working since 15 years but mere pas sahi bande pahunche nahi. I don’t know how to go with it. Bas, mujhe auditions dene hai; din mein 10, 20, 50. I don’t care. I’m getting alot of work but I dont want that kind of work.( pointing towards the camera), I want this kind of work. I want this kind of work. So sir, this is an open letter. Mujhe batao kaise karuin mein and all the people that follow me, ye meri chitthi hai, Anurag Kashyap tak please pahuncha dejiye.( See, I have been in the industry for 15 years and have done a lot of work. Right now also, I am getting a lot of work. I am getting offers of the kind that include jumping off buildings, action, reality shows, serials. No offense, I have done a lot of this. Now, I am done with it. I really want to do something that I enjoy. I saw you in a workshop at the Prithvi theatre and since then, I have wanted to work with you. I am taking advantage of my social media and now sending across this open letter to you. I’m not saying, give me a web show or a film but teach me how to go about auditions. I do not know how to go about them. I just want to give auditions: 10, 20 or 50, I don’t care. I am getting a lot of work but I do not want that kind of work. Pointing towards the camera, she added, “I want this kind of work. So sir, this is an open letter…)

Divya signed off by saying, ” New Year, New Me… very blunt but I am very hopeful. Hoping to see you very soon sir.”

Soon after Divya shared the video, actor Pavitra Punia commented, “@divyaagarwal_official sunenge zaroor dil se bulaya hai na ❤️,” besides alos tagging Anurag Kashyap in the post.

Take a look at Divya’s post.


Divya’s co-stars also commented on her post calling it ‘heartfelt and honest’. Likewise, Divya’s fans appreciated her honesty in asking for work.



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