Railways Initiates Campaign Against Cops Traveling Without Train Ticket, TTEs Receive Fresh Ord

New Delhi: Days after a verbal fight between police personnel and a ticket examiner inside an AC coach of a train, the Indian Railways on Tuesday directed all the ticket-checking staff to immediately notify the commercial controller if they find any cop in future travelling without tickets. The ticket-checking staff has also been directed to record it in the captain’s diary.   

The order comes just days after a few police officers were found without a ticket in Jammu Tawi Amarnath Express on March 10.

In a video shared by one fellow passenger, Rajesh Singh, the police personnel can be seen arguing with the ticket examiner.

Sharing the clip on Twitter, Singh wrote: “This incident is dated 10-03-2023 when I was traveling in Amarnath express from Bhagalpur to Jammutawi, how @Uppolice traveling without ticket in AC coach is abusing and manhandling TTE!!”

The policemen even question the TTE whether the train “belongs to his father,” but it backfires when the official stands up to them to say that he’s simply doing his job.


The examiner even clarifies that the train belongs to nobody’s father.


Another user sharing the viral video on Twitter wrote, “A team of ⁦⁦UP police⁩ at receiving end from an empowered senior citizen passenger who objected the ‘दादागिरी’ [intimidation] of men in uniform. [This kind of behaviour is] A regular in trains crossing UP where reserved [seat] passengers are intimidated to share space.”


Another user wrote, “Due to huge corruption There are no rules & regulations for up trains not only govt officers but local people also behave the same Tc’s & RPF as well GRPF entertain them by taking cash due to which there is no difference between general class & sleeper class.”


Taking cognizance of the tweet, Eastern Railways directed all ticketing staff to inform the Commercial Controller if police personnel is found traveling without tickets. “All ticket checking staff are directed to ensure that in future if any police personnel is found traveling without a ticket, immediately notify the Commercial Controller and mention the same in the Captain’s report.”

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