Random Tweets For Quick and Easy Entertainment

Having a little bit of fun or wasting our time on the internet might seem like a simple feat for most internet enthusiasts, but it is actually a lot more complicated than one might believe. Boredom has a way of eroding our abilities to pursue intelligent activities, pastimes, and/or hobbies. It doesn’t help that our attention spans have all but been reduced to nada. It is actually quite depressing – it’s impossible for me to make it through a forty-minute television episode without feeling antsy, let alone attempt to watch a movie on the Criterion app. To put it bluntly: I need help. If you’re reading this, perhaps you do, too. This is why we are always putting together these silly collections of Twitter tidbits for your viewing pleasure. Life’s hard enough as it is. Why waste it LOOKING for quality content when we can give it to you for free?


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