Sassy Woman Pwns a Self Proclaimed ‘Beast Mode Aficionado’ on Twitter Who Thinks That Millennials Complain Too Much About Adulting, Midlife Crisis, and Getting Old

For many millennials, it seems as if they’ve consistently gotten dealt a pretty bad hand in the societal timeline. Most folks from the millennial generation are well into their 30s and are drowning in school debt, living with roommates, and wondering how their parents owned two homes and had four children by this point in their lives. As everyone knows, the world has changed a lot (and I mean A LOT) in the last several decades and for some reason, the main millennial coping mechanism has become dark humor, ambivalence, and complaining. 

They grew up talking smack on Club Penguin, what do you expect? 

One man on Twitter, a boxing instructor and self-proclaimed “beast mode aficionado”, posted about how he was quite tired of millennials complaining about growing old. He subsequently got pwnd by a sassy woman in the comments, who threatened to expose the real reason why millennials are the way they are and why everyone seems so dissatisfied with the cards they’ve been dealt in life, which apparently has nothing to do with any sort of “beast moding” or hustle culture like this man seemed to think. What’s most satisfying about this thread is not that she is completely right about the struggles of an entire generation, but she pretty much destroys a jerky dude online, which is something we can always get behind.


“I’m not complaining about getting old, [I’m complaining about how] the world is speeding up and I’m running out of time. I don’t have a house and I don’t have kids and oh my God WTF”

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