Say Yes To Pineapple With This Viral Hack

Last Updated: March 15, 2023, 15:59 IST

The hack is simple and super fun. (credits: Insta/foodiechina888)

This hack will definitely make your life easier. So what are you waiting for? Quickly check it out for yourself.

Honestly, the very idea of cutting a pineapple makes most of us lazy. The struggle is real and it only gets worse. Relatable, did we hear? Well, fear no more, you can now be one of them who have mastered the art of cutting a pineapple. This video, shared on Instagram, is teaching people a foolproof way to slice and dice that spiky fruit like a true pro. With this simple trick, people can now avoid awkwardly hacking away at the fruit, leaving half of it still stuck to the skin. All you need is a nice sharp knife and you will have perfectly sliced pineapple ready for snacking, garnishing, or even blending into a refreshing pina colada. “A foolproof trick to cut pineapple, have you ever tried it before?” read the caption. Check out the video that claims to turn people into pineapple-cutting pros in no time:

The Internet was nodding its virtual head in the comment section. Many agreed that this seemed not only super fun but a pretty useful way to slice away the refreshing fruit. After all, the way they cut it seems to waste too much pineapple. Others were more curious if it was alright to eat the core of the fruit. An user wrote, “All fun and games until those enzymes chow your lips. But this is still one of my favourite ways to eat pineapple. No pain no gain.”

“The next time I buy a pineapple, I will try it. So innovative and out of the world,” read a comment.

A person wrote, “Okay, I will do this from now on! Feel like I wasted too much pineapple the way I cut it.”

While there are some social media users trying to find useful hacks to make cooking more fun, there are others creating blasphemous food combos and sharing them on the internet. If you think, one of the most beloved fruits, mangoes, was safe from the food trend, think again. To up her unique selling point (USP) game, a street vendor challenged the culinary boundaries and prepared Mango Maggi. Brace yourselves for the cooking experience of a lifetime. The street vendor starts cooking by adding butter, water, masala, and noodle cakes to a pan. It looks all good until she opens a bottle of mango juice and pours it out on the pan. The noodle cakes simmer and are immersed in the mango juice. Once done, she serves the Maggi and garnishes it with mango fruit and mango juice on the sides.

Social media users weren’t sure why someone would ruin beloved food items by combining them together.

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