Scorpio Weekly Horoscope, 27 February to 5 March 2023: Reduce stress levels by avoiding unhealthy habits – Times of India

Increase your savings and income through taking advantage of your opportunities. Focus on self love for personal growth and happiness. For more insights on love and health read the full horoscope below.
Positive: Ganesha says self-love and respect are crucial to your personal growth and happiness, so take time to nurture your relationship with yourself.
Finance: The challenges of working in finance present opportunities for you to showcase your skills and increase your income and savings. Stay disciplined with your spending habits and make smart financial decisions.
Love: Spend quality time with your partner and be present in the moment to strengthen your relationship. You may receive unexpected attention from someone from your past, but make sure to prioritize your current relationships.
Business: Expect challenges in your business dealings this week, but stay focused and trust your abilities to come out on top. Clear communication is key to success, especially in family businesses.
Education: Sports-oriented students may find this week to be difficult, but don’t let past failures hold you back. Make a plan, manage your time effectively, and don’t let distractions hinder your academic progress.
Health: Take advantage of your good health and engage in physical activity to maintain your well-being yourself. Reduce stress levels and avoid unhealthy habits that can hinder your progress.

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