Silly Memes To Share Around

“Why so serious?” This is not only a quote from the greatest Batman villain of all time (sorry, Riddler) but an important question we must ask ourselves often. Why do we take everything so seriously, even though we don’t need to? Boomers talk a lot of smack about Gen Z being too self-righteous and serious, but this is a problem that every generation deals with. Everybody is too serious! We were not put on this earth to yell at waitresses for having to wait 35 minutes to be seated. Things on Twitter that make you mad should not ruin your day. People doing things you don’t like is not a slight against you. Most of us would feel so much better if we could be a bit sillier.

Unfortunately, silliness is often frowned upon in professional contexts. It’s not like you can walk into your job at Petco Corporate and start cracking jokes all willy-nilly. As one Tati Westbrook so eloquently put it, “Oh my god! Time and place!” Luckily, a list of random memes is a perfect time and the apt place to get in touch with your silly side. 

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