Social Anxiety Memes That Might Validate an Overthinker’s Decision to Cancel All Plans

“Hoo Ha”, a deep breath, and then another long “Haaaa” – that’s the equivalent of what comes out of my mouth every time I enter a social situation of any kind (Bonus points if it’s work-related). After much awkward smiling, some excruciating small talk, and a hell of a lot of nodding, I leave everyone with an Irish Goodbye and head home to the safety of my small plant-filled apartment (Notice the lack of people in it).

I then sprawl myself over my bed, lay on my stomach with my heels up in the air Legally-Blonde style, and scroll through social media, scouring it for social anxiety memes to make myself feel better. What can I say, it’s a fail-proof plan.

I then go to work and share my findings with you, my dear readers, in hopes that a few of you might relate and find the next social gathering a little less lonely. So whether you understand the struggle or support the peeps who combat it, these memes were designed for you to enjoy.

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