Suniel Shetty Recalls Salman Khan Helped a Child Suffering From Cancer, Calls Him ‘Golden Heart’

Last Updated: May 23, 2023, 19:56 IST

Suniel Shetty speaks about Salman Khan.

Suniel Shetty and Salman Khan share a close bond with each other.

Not just films, Salman Khan has indeed come a long way with his philanthropic deeds as well. While he has never been vocal about it, the industry has been. Suniel Shetty is among the few people in the industry who knows Salman Khan very closely and shares a good bond with him. Being so close to Salman, Suniel Shetty never misses a chance to tell the world how humble and shower him with praises.

Time and again, Suniel has firmly shared, ‘I have always said that I don’t think anybody knows Salman like I do.’ Not just once or twice, but there have been multiple occasions when Suniel Shetty added his words for Salman Khan and his kind-heartedness. Once he said, ‘See today also, Salman is in the position that he is because his heart is like that.’ Then in another interview, he added, ‘Those who know Salman I always say you NEED to know Salman Khan.’ Well, Shetty indeed calls Salman ‘A man with an absolute golden heart. You ask for anything he will take it out and give you.’

Well, the story of Salman Khan getting his bone marrow tested for a kid suffering from bone marrow deficiency, does say a lot about how big Salman Khan’s heart is. On a different occasion, Suniel Shetty expressed, “I still remember someone was calling him again and again, he went and I asked where was he going but he didn’t tell me. He said I have work I will be back when I got to know later, he had gone to test his bone marrow for a kid who was suffering from bone marrow cancer and that is the most painful test as far as I know. He didn’t even tell me, He left, got tested came back, and joined also. What all he has given for people, I am not talking about material things at all.’

With his charitable foundation, ‘Being Human’, Salman lends his helping hands to the ones in need. The foundation supports various projects and performs charitable activities in collaboration with other NGOs also.

It’s very evidently proven that Salman is one superstar with a heart of gold and has been given the title of BHAI by his fans. Be it standing for needy people or helping underprivileged children, this superstar’s heart beats for all.

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