That’s Climate Change: Man Who Climbed Everest 17 Times Warns Of ‘Less Snow’

Last Updated: May 23, 2023, 18:38 IST

The British climber is seen talking about the diminishing amount of snow at the summit of Mount Everest. (Credits: Instagram)

Kenton Cool completed his 17th climb on May 20, creating a record for the most-ever by a foreign-born climber.

Global warming is that one topic on which debates and discussions have been going on for years. It has been impacting every corner of the world, and an observation of this was made by a seasoned British climber, who has conquered the summit of Mount Everest 17 times. With a mix of admiration and concern, this fearless explorer has noticed a troubling change in the majestic Himalayan region, where the once-perfect peaks now receive “less snow” than ever before. Kenton Cool achieved this remarkable accomplishment on May 20, establishing a new record for the highest number of successful climbs by a foreign-born climber.

An Instagram page titled Now This News shared a video of Kenton Cool, in which the British climber is seen talking about the diminishing amount of snow at the summit of Mount Everest.

During his discussion with Reuters in Kathmandu this year, Kenton Cool shared his observations, noting that in the mid-2000s, there was a significant increase in snow coverage compared to the present, revealing the mountain is becoming rockier with less snow. He acknowledged that the conditions fluctuate annually, making it challenging to pinpoint a single cause, but suggested that global warming and environmental change could be contributing factors.

Reacting to Kenton’s clip, one user expressed their surprise at his achievement, stating, “Being able to do that 17 times let alone once is privilege at its finest.”

Another commented on the difficulty of climbing Everest, “17 times is crazy. Mt. Everest is no joke, you’ve gotta be built different to climb that ONCE. They literally use dead bodies as landmarks because it’s too dangerous to try to bring the bodies back down.”

Another user reflected on Kenton’s achievement: “Da*n dude has gambled 17 times, that is insane. I’ve read a few books on people’s experiences, and I can only imagine how nuts that must be.”

Kenton Cool revealed that his 17th successful ascent may not be his final one, as he plans to return to the mountain again next year. However, the British mountaineer also conveyed his desire to bid farewell to Mount Everest within the next 2-3 years.

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