They Never Took Part In India’s Freedom Struggle: Congress Hits Back At Nadda’s Remark On Rahul

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge Friday hit back at the ruling BJP for its fresh attack on MP Rahul Gandhi over his recent UK remarks as JP Nadda alleged that Rahul has become the permanent part of ‘toolkit’ working against India.

“They (BJP) themselves are anti-national. They never took part in India’s freedom movement. And they’re calling others anti-national. They are doing this to deviate from issues of unemployment and inflation,” Kharge said in response to the BJP chief’s statement.

“Can Rahul Gandhi ever be anti-national? Are people who debate about democracy anti-national? I condemn JP Nadda’s statement. Why are they not giving Rahul Gandhi a chance to speak in Parliament,” he added, as quoted by news agency ANI.

Earlier in the day, Nadda alleged that Rahul Gandhi demanded foreign intervention in the internal matters of India during his recent UK visit, a charge continuously dismissed by the Congress party. “Rahul Gandhi insulted India, its Parliament, and its people on foreign soil. It amounts to strengthening those working against the country,” he said, as per news agency PTI.

He accused Rahul Gandhi of insulting the elected majority government and 130 crore Indians. “What is this if not strengthening the traitors? Rahul Gandhi on foreign soil said that democracy has finished in India and Europe and the US should intervene. What could be more shameful than this?”

“To ask for interference in India’s internal matters by another country is an attack on India’s sovereignty. I want to ask Rahul Gandhi what are his intentions behind urging Europe and America to interfere in India’s domestic matters,” JP Nadda added, as per news agency ANI.

The BJP President sought to remind Rahul Gandhi that, “India is the mother of democracy. No power in the world can harm the democratic legacy of India.” “Today, no one listens to your party in the country, and the public does not trust you. This is the reason why your party has been nearly wiped off,” he remarked.

Nadda further questioned the Congress Party saying, “Why do George Soros and Rahul Gandhi speak similar language? Why do Pakistan and Congress speak similarly?”

The BJP President asked Rahul Gandhi to apologise to the country as he stressed: “In India’s history since independence, even in most difficult times, none of India’s leaders ever appealed to foreign powers to act against the Indian government. This is a very serious matter in independent India’s history.”

‘Test Of Democracy’: Rahul Gandhi

The BJP President’s remarks come after Rahul Gandhi Thursday said that if Indian democracy was functioning, he would be able to say his piece in Parliament, calling it a “test of democracy”.

“After four leaders of the BJP have made an allegation about a Member of Parliament, is that MP going to be given the same space that those four Ministers have been given or is he going to be told to shut up”, he asked at his first press conference after returning from the UK.

“So, if Indian democracy was functioning, I would be able to say my piece in Parliament. So, actually what you are seeing, is a test of Indian democracy,” he remarked, as quoted by PTI.

The Wayanad MP alleged that the whole “tamasha” by BJP members in Parliament has been created to divert attention from the Adani issue.

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