Thieves Try To Steal Motorcycle But End Up Losing Their Own Ride, Video Shows Karma at Work

Two thieves have an epic fail in viral video. (Credits: Twitter/@cctvidiots)

A viral video shows how two thieves tried to steal a motorcycle but the whole neighbourhood ganged up against them, forcing them to leave their own two-wheeler behind.

Karma tends not to be a quick rewarder. Sometimes, the fruits of your labour only begin to ripen many lifetimes after you sowed them. Sometimes, no good deed goes unpunished. Sometimes, crimes happen in broad daylight with no repercussion in sight. Life has a way of not offering instant gratification. If that’s not your jam today and you would like to watch karma at work, then this viral video is for you. The clip shared on Twitter shows how two thieves attempted to steal a motorcycle from a house but in the process, ended up losing their own.

The video shows two miscreants- one man towing out the robbed motorcycle and another waiting on him on their own motorcycle. However, by the time that the two men are ready to make their exit with the stolen motorcycle, someone inside the house runs out after them and tries to catch them. As ruckus ensues, more people rush out from the residence as well as from the neighbourhood and give the two miscreants chase. They are forced to abandon not only the stolen motorcycle but also their own ride that they had brought along.

Many people also praised the whole community effort that went into keep the two-wheeler from being taken away.

Karma plus community- now that’s a combo!

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